Sleep very well and peacefully
“Since I begun sleeping on PIMAT over a year ago now, I have not had a cold, my energy level is great, I sleep very well and peacefully. When I am lying down on it before going to sleep I can feel gentle penetrating energy throughout my body, especially in the lumbar/coccyx region where I used to have pains. I definitely noticed the difference when travelling and not sleeping on my blissful PIMAT so I am ordering another one, just to accompany my trips away from home!! I strongly recommend this amazing wellness invention and my opinion is based on my very own experience.”
Wanda Sterling, London

Energy boost & arthritis 
“I use the Pimat to boost my energy and am amazed that it also relieves my arthritic hip pain.”
Dr D.H., London

Difficulty walking
“My 87-year-old mother was in a very poor state, spending 20 hours a day in bed, she could hardly walk at all and did not want to talk. Since I got her a Pimat (3 months ago) she has improved remarkably. She walks confidently with the aid of a Zimmer, is up nearly all day and is willing to converse. She reads large print books, goes out in the car with my brother, takes a lively interest in everything – it’s like 10 years ago!”
R.S., Sydenham

Thank you Pimat for smoothing out the knots in my subtle energy fields!
“I discovered this product through my then reflexologist way back in the early nineties. At that time it did wonders for my severe scoliosis. However now I’m a retired health professional, I’m finding it doesn’t work so well anymore on me. I don’t really know why. Perhaps you can tell me! I suppose my energy patterns have changed as I’m feeling very well indeed! I do feel that the product isn’t enough out there. Nobody’s ever heard of it. Did you know? So Pimat works on our energies like my meridians, my chakra’s and aura. My subtle energies are replenished moment by moment, but this has nothing to do with red dots. I use the energy of the One above, but that’s another subject altogether. Thank you Pimat”
Marianne, 5* review from Amazon

“I had gone through four IVF treatments and sadly none of them had worked. My partner and I decided that the whole process was too painful and resigned ourselves to not having children. A friend of mine gave us the Pimat as a present as they have heard very positive reports about the positive effects on fertility. We used the Pimat religiously for 2 months and we now have a healthy baby girl. To me this is nothing short of a miracle. It can’t be a coincidence as we have been trying for six years. We don’t know how it works but we know that it does works. I would recommend this product to anyone who is trying to get pregnant. Thank you so much.”
L. M., London Find out more about infertility >

Loss of periods, fertility
“My daughter had a serious accident 7 years ago, since when she has suffered from many problems, including multiple fractures and the loss of her period cycle. Since receiving her Pimat, she has had a regular 28-day cycle, which means she may be able to conceive. It seems like a miracle to us.”
Mrs S.L., Whitley Bay

More passion
“Since I’ve given my husband his Pimat (he was very sceptical, I must say), he’s got more energy and is more passionate towards me… Thank you very much.”
Mrs Rose, L, Washington DC

PIMAT has been researched by Polish medical consultants, microbiologists, geneticists, immunologists and radaestheticians. All have certified its beneficial effects. Neurological researchers at the St. Petersburg Military Medical Academy have confirmed that Pimat has a therapeutic effect and is completely safe to use. The Russian Ministry of Health has authorized its use in medical practice. Read more about the research on Pimat

Emotional stress, back pain, PMT, catarrh
“Pimat has supported my daughter through a time of great emotional stress, back pain, PMT, acute period pain and severe catarrh.”
J.R., Kent

Great way to protect your aura
“I live in London and I’m very sensitive to environmental energies such as electro-smog and electro-stress as well as other people’s energies and energies of places. Because I travel a lot by public transport I felt that I was picking up negative energies from people and places and I felt that I needed to protect my aura and strengthen my auric field. Since I’ve started sleeping on Pimat I feel that my aura is much stronger and less vulnerable to external influences. I also feel that I have more clarity and focus in life. I would recommend it to anyone who feels the same and needs new ways to protect their auras.”
Ben, London UK

“Ever since I received my Pimat I feel like its helped me to sleep much better as I use to suffer with bad insomnia. I also have nocturnal epilepsy and I have been on a cocktail of prescribed medications over the years which have never kept my night time seizures under control. Even surgery never helped my seizures either and I felt like I was going to suffer with epilepsy for the rest of my life. Since I started to use the pimat I have noticed a massive difference. I have only suffered with 2 seizures in the night over the past 3 months since I bought the pimat. I normally have 1 or 2 seizures every week. Now I have bought a pimat each for my kids. Well recommended!!”
Wanda, UK

“Thank you for Pimat. At 78, I didn’t expect my asthma and the quality of my life to improve to this extent. After years of disturbed nights, I now sleep like a log and wake refreshed and full of energy. Also, I am free of chest infections, which I used to get constantly all winter.”
Y.S., Littlehampton

More energy, better mood
“My husband started to use his Pimat a week ago. He has got more energy and more interest in his garden than for a very long time. His black moods seem to have gone…he seems a different man. By the way, he is 81.”
Mrs H.D., Rochester

Strengthened my aura
“I’ve been looking for something to strengthen my aura for years and I’ve tried many tools but Pimat seems to work in a very consistent way. Also, it’s so very easy to use. Since I’ve been using it my aura is much stronger and clear and I have more energy in the morning.”
BL, London UK

Better sleep, more vitality in the morning
“Since using the Pimat, the quality of my sleep is really making a significant difference to my working day.”
J C, London

Pimat helps with sleep problems

Pimat helps with sleep problems

Viral infection, M.E.
“I have used my Pimat for a month, and to say I am thrilled with the results is an understatement! Following a “brush with death”, caused by an unidentified virus, I have been suffering from a condition similar to M.E. Since starting to use the Pimat, I have slept like a baby, awakened with much more energy and, for the first time in ages, I feel well! My husband was somewhat sceptical but as has had to admit the results are far, far better than he dreamed and he has now been so anvious of my sleep pattern that he has succumbed to wanting to try PIMAT for himself.”
Mrs J.M.B., Milton Keynes

Headaches, arthritic pain, depression
“After only 6 nights on Pimat my headaches have gone, my arthritic pains and depression are better.”
K.M.K., London

Pleased with the results
“We are pleased with the results already. I have enclosed a cheque for another two Pimats please.”
M.T.H. Immingham

“…terrible shingles. Within a week of getting Pimat, the dreadful nerve pains had gone and I was sleeping 8 hours a night. My general health has improved too. I am 72.”
J.D., Hampshire

“I myself suffered from ME for almost 7 years. My symptoms included extreme fatigue and exhaustion, muscle weakness and pain, recurring attacks of ‘flu-like symptoms, poor memory and concentration, digestive disorders etc. From being an active person, teacher/director of a centre for young unemployed and also doing a lot of voluntary work, I became someone who went out once a month in a wheelchair and taxi and could just walk to the bathroom. I tried many forms of alternative therapy, but most of the things that had previously helped me, like acupuncture and homoeopathy only made me worse, and any improvements were minimal. Then I heard about the Pimat and started using it. You put it in your bed at the level of the lower back (the sacrum) and sleep on it. For 12 days, I woke up with just a tiny spark more energy; on the 13th day, I woke up buzzing with energy – I wrote 4 letters and cleaned the kitchen before breakfast! My cure was confirmed by Dr J.Nevison, a well-qualified doctor working as a nutritionist. She had been seeing me for two years, and when I visited her a month after starting to use Pimat, she was amazed. She said: “I never knew what you were like as a person before, you were always so ill!” She told me that I was taking in 90% of oxygen, as opposed to 30% before Pimat. A couple of months later, she confirmed that my immune system was now at 80% – it had been 20%; my candida had gone to practically zero, as had the mercury poisoning and magnesium overload. She was so impressed that she tried Pimat herself. She subsequently ordered 22 for her patients and later informed me that they responded better to her own treatment once they had started using Pimat.”
Zena Maddison, London

Better quality of sleep, lucid dreaming
“I’ve been interested in the power of the pyramids for a long time and researched this phenomenon. I’m very impressed with how well pimat matches the energy of the pyramids. I also noticed that the quality of my sleep and dreaming improved significantly. My lucid dreaming is now much better and clearer. I am very pleased with this simple device – it surpassed my expectations.”
Mr Lewis, Dallas USA

Feeling brighter
“Thank you very much for my Pimat. It arrived swiftly next day. I certainly felt much brighter after my first night with Pimat.”
Mrs E.A.L., West Sussex

More get-up-and-go
” I have certainly felt a lot better, with more get-up-and-go, since using PIMAT for just over a week and would like another one for my friend, please.”
Mrs P.J. Northampton

Slept like a log, more energetic
“I received my Pimat a week ago, and have slept like a log and feel more energetic. Please send me two more for my daughters.”
Mrs M.M., Guisborough

M.E., feeling happier in myself
“I have been using the PIMAT for a few weeks now and am feeling a little better. I have ME and have recently had a cold on top of everything, but am now sleeping better and feeling happier in myself.”
Mrs E.H., Paisley

” May I first report that PIMAT is helping me in my recovery from M.E. – of that I’m certain.”
D.E., Newbury

Energy levels improved
“My energy levels have certainly improved – many thanks for sharing the PIMAT with us.”
M.T.H., S Humberside

So much energy
” I have been using PIMAT since it arrived on 6th June. After the 3rd night, there was so much energy swirling around my body!.”
E.G., Hexam

Physical and mental improvement
“I received my Pimat a few days ago and have already noticed an improvement physically and mentally. So have recommended the Pimat to other friends who I think will benefit from it.”
S.N. Otter St Mary, Devon

Sleep a lot better
“I have been using Pimat since the 6th July and which seems to be helping me a lot better. So much that my husband has noticed and is now asking for one for himself.”
J.O., London

M.E., resting better at night
“Thank you for your help. I am glad to report to you that my son-in-law (who is suffering from ME) is already resting better at night.”
M.P., Plymouth

Benefit after only a few nights
“It may be my imagination, but I’m sure I am feeling the benefit after only a few nights.”
Mrs L.A.P., Nuneaton

More energy and muscles getting stronger
“I have made progress since using the Pimat. I have more energy + my muscles are getting stronger.”
M.R., Chesham

Do more, walk further
“I feel the Pimat is helping me, as I can do more, and walk further than I could before, so I will certainly continue to use it.”
R.R., Troon

I recommend it to my friends
“I have been using Pimat for over 30 years with a very good result, recommending it to my friends.”

A. R. Poland

Lucid dreaming
“I have had some amazing lucid dreaming when I first bought Pimat. I understand that it is because lucid dreaming can happen more often in an environment that is fractal and Pimat creates such a fractal environment. Pyramids generate fractal energy fields.”
Mirek, Poland

No longer tired, lethargic
“I received the Pimat today and I have to say that I felt the Pimat working magic and I am no longer tired lethargic, I don’t feel anymore that I have low moments.” 

Lavinia C., London

Pimat is maintenance-free, easy to use and you can even take on holidays!
“I have a gadget, which I paid a few hundred pounds for, but it is not nearly as impressive as Pimat. Pimat is maintenance-free, easy to use and you can even take on holidays!” 

Seiichi, Spiritual Health Mentor, EFT Practitioner, Reiki Master

definitely felt a change of energy
“Thanks for the Pimat which arrived yesterday. I woke up last night and definitely felt a change of energy…NO QUESTION NO IMAGINATION. Placed an order for another two for my spaniels who are very important to me.”
David, Inverness, Scotland

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