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Increase your energy – improve your health while you sleep
Pimat is a great invention dating back to the times of ancient Egypt and is based on the energy of the pyramids. Pimat helps enhance your energy and health and thus improves the quality of your life while you sleep on it.

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Over 2 million people worldwide use Pimat for:
Lack of vitality, tiredness
Sleep disorders, insomnia, disturbed sleep
Beauty sleep
Back pain
Arthritis and rheumatism
Neuralgia and sinusitis
Lack of focus and concentration
Behavioural changes in children
Skin complaints including eczema & rashes
Jet lag
M.E. (myalgic encephalomyelitis >) 
Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)
Weight loss
Menstrual and menopausal problems
Fertility >
Sport enhancement
Lucid dreaming >
And much more… Read testimonials about specific health conditions >


Wake up full of vitality and life force.
PIMAT is simple to use – just place it on your mattress under the sheets and sleep on it.


What is Pimat?
Pimat is a flat white cotton cloth 7 inches square, with a pattern of 10 red dots printed on it. This pattern balances and recharges your energy field (the aura) while you sleep on it. It works regardless of your age, state of health or whether you believe in it or not. (see Pimat)

How does Pimat work?
Pimat was invented to produce, in two-dimensional form, a very coherent and organised healing energy of the pyramids. The miraculous powers of pyramids have been known, studied and research for centuries (in short, a pyramid is a fractal electric field/life force generator). The name Pimat stands for ‘Pyramid MAT’.

Medical consultants, microbiologists, geneticists, immunologists and radiaestheticians have all certified Pimat’s beneficial effects. Research carried out by the Neurological Department of the St. Petersburg Military Medical Academy showed that PIMAT had a therapeutic effect on lower back pain and sleep disorders.

It has been found to be completely safe to use – and has no side effects.
The Russian Ministry of Health has authorized the use of Pimat in medical practice.
Research on Pimat >

Zena Maddison talks about her experience with Pimat and how it helped her with ME as well as others with other health problems such as back pain, shingles, asthma, arthritis and rheumatism, children behaviour problems, conception problems, PMT.

How to use the Pimat?
It is simple to use – just place it on your mattress under your sheets (lower back area), and then sleep on top of the Pimat to experience amazing results.

PIMAT is simple to use – just place it on your mattress under the sheets and sleep on it.

PIMAT is simple to use – just place it on your mattress under the sheets and sleep on it.

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A personal story by Zena Maddison – M.E. sufferer

In February 1987, I got gastric ‘flu, and from that point on my life started to deteriorate. I was teacher/director of a centre for young unemployed in South London and doing a lot of voluntary work in my spare time. I kept getting ill and nothing seemed to help. In the second year of my illness, a kinesiologist diagnosed Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.).

ME causes many symptoms: extreme fatigue and exhaustion, muscle weakness, recurring attacks of ‘flu-like symptoms and neurological problems like inability to concentrate and forgetfulness. I started to improve, but then my centre was closed and I became a teacher/ counsellor in a large comprehensive school.

The greater exposure to viruses and the added stress of the change of jobs caused a sharp deterioration in my health; after months of struggling back to work between attacks, I became too ill to continue, had a year’s sick leave and then was forced to take early retirement.

My income took a nose dive, which made it difficult to pay for the special diet and supplements which I needed and the alternative doctor’s fees. I could do little for myself either: even washing myself had to be done piecemeal as I was so very weak and exhausted. I felt that I would never have a normal life again.

Then, in July 1993, I heard of PIMAT., Following the instructions, I put it in my bed, under my sheet and slept on it. It worked on my aura, rebalancing the colours and restoring my energy while I slept. It worked like magic, using very ancient knowledge – of the energy of shape-or neoenergy.

From the first day, I felt a little better. On the 13th day, I woke up early buzzing with energy having slept more profoundly than throughout my illness.

My alternative doctor a couple of months later confirmed that my immune system was now at 80%, and she was so impressed that she tried Pimat herself. She then ordered 22 for her patients.

I no longer get excruciating headaches if I try to concentrate, and only have an occasional memory lapse. If I am tired, I recover after a rest, instead of experiencing a relapse. A cold or ‘flu virus is only a minor inconvenience instead of causing misery for weeks or months.

Having been released from what seemed like a life sentence, I have also found a new career in promoting Pimat, as I would like other people to benefit from it too. It is called an energy regenerator because that is what it does: the release of energy stimulates a natural, self-healing process, which works on both mind and body.

My daughter sleeps on a Pimat in the bus when she goes on tour with the band she manages; she feels rested after only an hour or two. And my daughter-in-law found it eased the exhaustion of early pregnancy.

Through Pimat I have now regained my natural enthusiasm for life and can take pleasure in my family again: my older son’s wedding, my younger son on a Christmas visit with his family and the birth of my first granddaughter, already have two grandsons). Life’s very good once more.
Read an article by Zena on Pimat > 

Other testimonials

“After 7 years of M.E., I’ve recovered my energy, my joie-de-vivre, my whole, thanks to Pimat.” Z.M., London.

Energy boost & arthritis
“I use Pimat to boost my energy and am amazed that it also relieves my arthritic pain.” Dr D.H., London.

“I feel that your PIMAT is working, even my doctor told me to keep using it as thank goodness she has a very open mind to new things.” Mrs P.E.W., Hockley

“I had gone through four IVF treatments and sadly none of them had worked. My partner and I decided that the whole process was too painful and resigned ourselves to not having children. A friend of mine gave us the Pimat as a present as they have heard very positive reports about the positive effects on fertility. We used the Pimat religiously for 2 months and we now have a healthy baby girl. To me, this is nothing short of a miracle. It can’t be a coincidence as we have been trying for six years. We don’t know how it works but we know that it does works. I would recommend this product to anyone who is trying to get pregnant. Thank you so much.” L. M., London

Difficulty walking
“My 87-year-old mother was in a very poor state, spending 20 hours a day in bed, she could hardly walk at all and did not want to talk. Since I got her a Pimat (3 months ago) she has improved remarkably. She walks confidently with the aid of a zimmer frame, is up nearly all day and is willing to converse., and takes a lively interest in everything – it’s like 10 years ago!” R.S., Sydenham.

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Great way to protect your aura
“I live in London and I’m very sensitive to environmental energies such as electro-smog and electro-stress as well as other people’s energies and energies of places. Because I travel a lot by public transport I felt that I was picking up negative energies from people and places and I felt that I needed to protect my aura and strengthen my auric field. Since I’ve started sleeping on Pimat I feel that my aura is much stronger and less vulnerable to external influences. I also feel that I have more clarity and focus in life. I would recommend it to anyone who feels the same and needs new ways to protect their auras.” Ben, London UK

“Thank you for Pimat. At 78, didn’t expect my asthma and the quality of my life to improve to this extent. After years of disturbed nights, I now sleep like a log and wake refreshed and full of energy. Also, I am free of chest infections, which I used to get constantly all winter. My sister spent every night in and out of bed with a cramp in her legs and feet. Now she too has peaceful, pain-free nights.” Y.S., Littlehampton.

Emotional stress, back pain, PMT, catarrh
“Pimat has supported my 24-year-old daughter through a time of great emotional stress, back pain, acute period pain and severe catarrh.” J.R., Kent

“I got the Pimat last June for severe back pain, since when I have hardly had a twinge. I then bought one for my daughter, who has severe asthma – her fingertips are clubbed from oxygen lack. Her breathing is much improved and she wakes up feeling brighter. My grandson was diagnosed as hyperactive at 6. He is now 9 and is completely calm since having the Pimat.” Mrs. M.L., Dorset

Loss of periods, fertility
“My daughter had a serious accident 7 years ago, after which she suffered from many problems, including multiple fractures and the loss of her period cycle. Since receiving her Pimat, she has had a regular 28-day cycle, which means she may be able to conceive. It seems like a miracle to us.” Mrs. S.L., Whitley Bay.

Strengthened my aura
“I’ve been looking for something to strengthen my aura for years and I’ve tried many tools but Pimat seems to work in a very consistent way. Also, it’s so very easy to use. Since I’ve been using it my aura is much stronger and clear and I have more energy in the morning.”
BL, London UK

” Since using Pimat, the quality of my sleep is really making a significant difference to my working day”. J.C., London.

Viral infection, M.E.
“I have used my Pimat for a month, and to say I am thrilled with the results is an understatement! Following a “brush with death”, caused by an unidentified virus, I have been suffering from a condition similar to M.E. Since starting to use the Pimat, I have slept like a baby, awakened with much more energy and, for the first time in ages, I feel well!” Mrs. J.M.B., Milton Keynes

“I have been given your Pimat by a friend and I am very pleased with it.” Mrs V.N., Lymington

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Pimat will increase inflow of energy – Kirlian photography research >

Kirlian photography of the aura of fingers before the Pimat action and during the Pimat action

Kirlian photography of the aura of fingers before the Pimat action and during the Pimat action

Research on Pimat from Poland

1.Dr Tadeusz Wiecki on Pimat’s therapeutic effect on various conditions:
“Depression and chorea severe insomnia, prickling sensation all over and problems with thinking and coordination. This 40-year-old woman patient slept normally the very first night after using Pimat. Her other symptoms disappeared in a few days.

A woman aged 80 suffering from pains and unable to leave the bed. Her daughter placed a Pimat in her bed without telling her. Next morning she got up unaided and was able to walk.

A 35-year-old woman with radiating pains. After one night with Pimat, the pains subsided, to disappear completely in a few days.

Hyperexcitability, sleep disorder, bedwetting. A 7-year old boy now calmer sleeps soundly, bedwetting infrequent, since using Pimat.

Chest carcinoma with metastasis bone pains in the entire leg. A male patient aged 50 found pains diminished and he felt better with Pimat.

Addicted cigarette smoker with very poor circulation in legs; terrible pains made walking impossible. This male patient reported that after 12 days of using Pimat, the pains had subsided; he felt stronger and had regained the will to live.

Menopausal problems – inflammation-related pains in ovaries, hot flushes, headaches, sleeping difficulties. This woman (aged 48) found her problems disappeared almost entirely after starting to use Pimat.

2. Dr Henryk Slodkowski – a world-famous specialist in bio-energy, laser acupuncture and acupressure therapies says “I first came across Pimat in 1991. I have found it most effective for headaches, nervous disorders, backache and high blood pressure.” On the basis of my own experience and a great number of reports from my patients, I can state that Pimat is completely harmless. I now recommend Pimat to everyone.”

“100 children and adolescents with asthma, allergic respiratory-tract inflammation and severe bronchitis were treated with Pimat for three months at an outpatients’ clinic in Poznan. The patients reported an improved state of mind, deeper and more restful sleep, better appetite and reduced symptoms. No negative reactions were reported. Remission of symptoms was reported by 47 patients in the 3rd month; only 20 said there was no improvement. These patients had chronic conditions normally needing lengthy treatment.” Dr B.Pustkowska, paediatrician and lung specialist

Research on Pimat from Russia

This research was carried out by the Neurological Department of the St. Petersburg (Leningrad) Military Medical Academy. The aim of the research was to assess the effectiveness of Pimat in clinical practice for people suffering from pain and nervous complaints.

“103 people were used in this research (80 men and 23 women), aged between 28 and 56. 42 of them were suffering from acute lower-back pain and 61 were suffering from neurasthenia with sleep disturbance. All were tested before, during and after the research to assess their state of health and frame of mind.”

After 7 days of using Pimat people reported “a feeling of warmth” and “a pleasant pressure” in the lower back region. Those suffering from lower-back pain experienced a reduction in pain after 4-5 days. By then, the spasms of the back muscles were too slight to be measurable. The neurasthenic sufferers slept normally, their sleep was longer and deeper and they woke up re-energized, after only 2 or 3 days with Pimat. At the start of the research program, their self-assessment questionnaires showed that they felt low, with little activity or energy and quite a high level of anxiety. After using Pimat, the level of well-being and general energy was higher, their anxiety level was measurably lower.

“These results show that Pimat has a therapeutic effect on lower-back pain, and reduces pain and normalizes sleep in neurotic illness. Pimat is completely safe to use – it has no side-effects.”

M.B.Aleksandrov, Medical Consultant, Head of Electro-Physiological Section of the Neurology Department, Military Medical Academy, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

Further research on Pimat >

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